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About YOU

About You

(yes, it's about you)
You are on a journey. You are multi-dimensional. You're realizing that there are many parts to your existence and you're exploring all of them. You understand the importance of integrating and expressing versus repressing and avoiding. And if you don't know this to be true yet, you're potentially learning the hard way.
You crave more energy, more peace, more calm, more presence, more trust, more love, more purpose. You are ready to fully commit to being an active participant in the journey that is unfolding before you.
If you're ready to live life on purpose, I'd love to discuss how I can best support you. Whether it's going through The Wheel together or mapping out a personalized Root to Rise container, I'd love to know how I can best support your journey.
You can easily schedule time with me by using my calendar assistant below. 
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Get to Know Ravi

Ravi Rothenberg
Transformational Coach
Embodiment Facilitator
Author & Speaker

Ravi is a compassionate spirit wrapped in human skin dedicated to healing, growth, and transformation for himself and others. He is driven by a purpose to inspire and empower others to work through their emotional blocks, limiting beliefs, past traumas, and life circumstances that are keeping them stuck or from embracing their own evolution. His superpower is his ability to observe, listen, and stay emotionally regulated in the present moment.

Ravi is a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, a Level 2 Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, and an embodied, Trauma-Informed Coach. He infuses his range of experiences through his offerings at Rise with Ravi, a personalized coaching approach to self actualization and evolution. His approach to healing is dynamic, combining the ancient wisdom of yoga, the cutting edge neuroscience of trauma, and the skillful awareness of conscious leadership.

Ravi loves a good adventure and has transformed his life into an experience full of love and aliveness. If you're ready to connect with him to see if he's the right guide for you, simply reserve time using his calendar assistant.

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