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A Container for Personal Evolution


Close your eyes for a moment. Observe your breath. Relax your forehead, your brow, and your jaw. Soften the tension you're holding in your neck and shoulders. Root your tail bone into the chair and elongate your spine as you do. In your mind's eye imagine the path that is your life journey. It's long, winding, smooth, and bumpy. Now imagine that you are like a wheel, rolling down this path that you're creating. You're wrapped in a tire to absorb all of the external outputs from the path: the sticks, the stones, the bumps, and jumps. The tire represents your inner world, because it's through our inner environment that we perceive and process what's happening around us and to us. In order to best understand the nature of our tire, or our inner world, we have to travel to the center of the wheel. Working our way from the rim through the spokes we arrive at the hub. In The Wheel we address the entire wheel with the goal of getting really clear on what's at the hub. It's a powerful exercise that is guaranteed to give you the clarity you seek.


The Wheel is an experience that provides epic clarity and a useful focal point to make sense of your life’s unique journey. It’s an especially insightful experience for growth-minded individuals, coaches, therapists, energy workers, anyone supporting others in their healing and growth, and beyond.

It’s a process for extracting meaning from your colorful life and then distilling that down to just ONE WORD, your WORD. It’s your north star, your superpower. Your light and your dark. What you’re here to learn and here to teach. Here to feel and here to heal. Your purpose. No pressure! Seriously, no pressure.

This experience is a 5-step process that has two parts. Part one typically lasts about 2 hours as Ravi will be interviewing you about your life story. He is a gifted, intuitive observer and non-judgmental witness who creates a safe container for sharing your truths. His calming, grounded presence allows for the deep wisdom that lives within you to come to the surface so that meaning can be made. In our first call together we’ll cover steps 1-4.

Part two is a one hour call that addresses step 5: integration and action. Now that you’ve identified your word, the hub that exists at the center of your wheel, we’ll work together to make it practical and applicable to your day-to-day life.

The Wheel is one of Ravi’s most favorite experiences to facilitate as it provided him such deep clarity and direction while on his own journey. Ravi guarantees that you’ll walk away from the experience feeling aligned, energized, and inspired to navigate life with purpose and direction.


Ready to experience The Wheel for yourself?

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