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Why Did I Write A Book?

When I reminisce on all of the far out experiences I've had in this lifetime I get covered in goosebumps.

When I think of all the moments I've carved out to put pen to paper, I'm overwhelmed with reverence for my commitment to the craft.

I've been drawn to writing since elementary school. I switched my major in college from business to journalism. I've kept a journal since I was young. I write poetry. I write prose. I well up with tension inside when I don't have an outlet for written expression.

It's even in my Human Design, if you're familiar with that system. I'm built for having experiences through trial and error, and then for making meaning out of them. I'm wired for it.

But that's just why I write...

Writing a book has proven to be an endeavor in itself. So why did I commit hundreds of hours over the last two plus years to see this book project through?

I wrote this book because I felt like I was sitting on a mountain of wisdom from my direct experiences and I wasn't observing many others writing about these topics.

I wrote this book because parents, teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors are not teaching us about healing from our traumas or navigating loneliness vs. aloneness.

I wrote this book because mental health challenges are everywhere and many of us endure through life without seeking support.

I wrote this book because my best friend died and I wish he would have had even a fraction of the tools that I have.

I wrote this book because when I share my story and a reader sees a part of themselves in that story we start to realize how similar we are.

I wrote this book because most media we consume is pulling our attention outward and the media I have created is inviting you inward.

I wrote this book because wherever you are on your path, and we're all on one, I want so badly for you to find peace and purpose and meaning along the way.

I wrote this book because I have so much to say and would certainly lose my voice trying to transmit the contents of this manuscript through oration.

I wrote this book for you, and anyone courageous enough to pick it up and dive in.

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