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A Dynamic Meditation & Motorsport
Immersion in Joshua Tree, CA
February 16 - 21, 2023

Motorsport | Meditation | Plant Medicine

A curated, once-in-a-lifetime immersion

for 8 courageous men.

If you're ready to accelerate growth
in every facet of your life then
this full throttle immersion is for you.


Keep scrolling if your heart

just skipped a beat...

Feeling grounded in the driver's seat.
Both hands on the wheel.
Attention on the horizon.
Pedal to the metal. Full throttle.
Ripping through the curves of life.

Being at your edge and yet
present to every moment of it.

This is the essence of what it
means to build momentum.
It's what you'll embody here and it's what you'll carry with you when you leave.


The healthy masculine is medicine. 

Being in a container among brothers

will both uplift and challenge you.

You'll feel safe to unleash the beast

within and you'll get to witness others

going full power. You simply can't

achieve this on your own.




Motorsport is the outlet.
It's where we get to put our
inner stillness to the test. Blasting into turns and roaring through the straights.
It's where we tap into our own power.

It's where inner power merges with outer.
Become the driver of your vehicle.


Dynamic Meditation

A style of meditation you haven't tried yet.

You'll release tension, stress, and drop
deep into presence with these powerful practices. You'll arrive at 
stillness in
the mind through
motion of the body.
The ultimate track for the journey inward. Meditation supercharged.

Stillness in motion.
Where meditation meets motorsport.

When the conditions are created for you to go full power, first internally, and then externally, the result is real, lasting empowerment.


The Desert

The desert will be our home for five nights and six days of full power transformation.

The desert is where great men from history have dwelled to be tried and tested.

A vortex of stillness and aliveness where revelations can be seen clearly.


The Venue

The venue is our sacred place for respite and recovery. For our connection to self and to each other. For breaking bread, fueling up, & preparing ourselves for the battle within and without. The venue has all the elements to charge up your power.


The Tunnel

Every morning starts here. Enter into the tunnel and see your own light within. Daily yoga practice, facilitated movement techniques, or active meditation, depending on our day ahead and what the body and system needs most.

When you release the tension you hold in the
body you replace it with freedom to be present.

In a state of presence you can connect to the brothers and the environment that surrounds you.

And when you're present and connected you embody
an unshakable self-confidence and drive.

That is what you'll cultivate and bring
to the race track AND to life beyond the track...

It's here at The Thermal Club, home of the
BMW Performance Center, where you'll take the
driver's seat of a brand new BMW M Car.

It's on this pristine race track where you'll be allowed to push yourself and these high performance machines as far as
your own limitations will allow for you to go.


There is so much more to you than the surface reveals.
There is a depth: a reservoir of fully aligned, authentic
power, waiting for you to tap into it.

It's bolder and brighter than your mind can fathom.
It lives at the core of your being, beneath layers of
identity that do not serve your highest expression.

But for now, this power source lies dormant.
Until you consciously choose to show up
and use the keys that will unlock it.

Once discovered, these keys open the doors to your
peace, your purpose, your full power expression.
But if you're numb, distracted, disconnected,
misaligned, it will
always elude you.

"I think fear is what keeps us from
going over the edge. I mean, as a race car driver, I don't think what makes a good race car driver is a fearless person. I think it's somebody that is comfortable being behind the wheel of something that's somewhat out of control."  - Jeff Gordon

This life-altering immersion is built for you.

The modern man does not have outlets
to unleash their power in day-to-day life.

The commute to work, monotony in our careers,
likely building someone else's dream.

As we go through the motions we lose our spark.
When we disconnect from our passion,
we lose inspiration and it drains us.

That is why it is so important that we tap back into the experiences that we'll remember for a lifetime.
When we reclaim our life force we bring meaning back to our life, our work, our purpose for existing as a man.

So if you want to experience the freedom within,
as you deepen your connection to the present moment alongside inspiring brothers, all while embodying an unshakable confidence to go full power...

Then you're ready for Momentum.



The Momentum Immersion includes:

  • Three 90-minute virtual group coaching calls with full power activations, support, and connection before and after the accelerator

  • A five-night, six-day in-person immersion in Joshua Tree, CA guided by Ravi, where you'll experience more transformation in 6 days than you would in 6 months of virtual coaching or other therapies

  • Luxurious accommodations include use of outdoor pool, hot tub, modern kitchen, game room with arcades, poker table, shuffleboard, and darts, outdoor fire pit, and lounge hammocks!

  • Two days of full power adrenaline at the BMW Performance Center race track with instruction and the use of brand new 444+ hp M Cars

  • Daily yoga practice, dynamic meditations, and facilitated embodiment workshops in the private, on-site yoga tunnel

  • All delicious and nourishing meals during the immersion

  • Snacks, coffee, teas, hydration packs

  • Transportation from Palm Springs airport

  • Entry fee to Joshua Tree National Park

  • Surprise gifts and swag

  • And so much more!

The Full Power Investment

Private Rooms: $5500
($5000 early bird before Dec.15)

Shared Rooms: $5000
($4500 early bird before Dec.15)

Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)
Payment plans available

Why Motorsport?

When I was 23 I bought my realistic dream car: a BMW M3. I enjoyed it for years. One spring I decided to enroll in a High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) course through the BMW Car Club of America. It wasn't until I received instruction on a track that I learned I wasn't driving the car like it was meant to be driven. It had so much more power and potential that I hadn't known how to tap into.

I'd later experience that this translated to other areas of my life. Until I received the wisdom and guidance to go deep inside, I had no idea how much more life force I was capable of accessing.

Today, I'm enthusiastically combining my love for coaching, facilitating experiences that foster growth and connection, and high performance driving in this curated accelerator. You'll be given the tools, the feelings of safety, and the instruction required to fuel your most powerful transformation!

As we prepare our mind and body to have a spirited experience on the race track, you'll discover for yourself how this potent combination will accelerate the journey of living out your most alive, aligned version of life! I can't wait to meet you on the other side.

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