Your Path To Peace,
Purpose, & Evolution

Ground into the resources, programs,
& tools that will transform your life. 
Your journey of personal evolution
may be long and winding, but you
don't have to go it alone.

The Wheel to Heal

A perfect starting point.
Find your true north, your light and dark, your reason for being in this powerful, personalized session.


Root to Rise

The most expansive container to support your pursuit of purpose and self realization. For those committed to real, lasting personal evolution.

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Trauma Informed

A series of workshops to help you better navigate your healing journey with a trauma informed layer of awareness.

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His infectious smile and childlike innocence reflect the true nature of this gifted listener. He's explored the depths of his own shadow side and emerged on the other side with gratitude and joy for it all. He can meet you with compassion and inquiry, wherever you're at.